Carrousel Camp Int


Sessions: 14th to 28th July and from 28th July to 11th August 2012

The price of a two-week holiday in the Carrousel Camp International: CHF 2400.—

The price of a one-week holiday in the Carrousel Camp International: CHF 1270.—
(10 % concession if you decide to extend the holiday for the second week)

(We offer 10 % concession for siblings)

Group sessions: from 9th June to 14th July and from 11th to 25th August 2012

The price for one-week program for a group of ten: СHF 10,800

The package includes:
  • visa package service (if required)
  • accommodation in two and three bedded rooms with bathrooms
  • full board: four meals (own chef, local farm products), cleaning and laundry service
  • camp activities (per week):
    • 5 language classes
    • games and activities before lunch
    • 1 excursion: historical sites, museums, galleries, parks, etc.

  • 2 horse riding lessons
  • 2 traditional Swiss dinners on a ranch
  • swimming pool or lake
  • evening leisure/span>

Additional services provided by Câlin-Ka SA:


mandatory medical insurance:

(insurance amount CHF 20 000, deductible) 

CHF 162
  Geneva airport shuttle (group):  CHF 200
  Geneva airport shuttle (individual):  CHF 500
  Sion railway station shuttle (individual):  CHF 100
  DHL costs for the visa service, if required:  CHF 105
  additional language classes up to 10 hours a week (group), further languages on request:  CHF 150
  additional language classes up to 5 hours a week (individual), further languages on request:  CHF 300
  piano classes up to 5 hours a week:  CHF 150
  tennis up to 2 hours a week:  CHF 80
  taster golf lessons (group):  CHF 40
  CD-ROM with the photographs:  CHF 40
  Bowling:  CHF 10
  Adventure park:  CHF 30
  Waterpark:  CHF 50
  The recommended sum of the pocket money for a week: CHF 50.

Carrousel Camp International strongly recommends a travel cancellation insurance. We can also assist you with the Swiss health insurance.

Carrousel Camp International – Case postale 859 – 1972 Anzère – SUISSE
+41 27 566 79 40, +41 27 566 79 41, +41 27 566 79 42
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Additionally, the following is payable by invoice of Câlin-Ka SA